Details About Mr.Dandy:Classic,Timeless and Sophisticated

Mr.Dandy:Casual Look Today

Mr.Dandy:Taste A Tie.

Mr.Dandy:Taste A Tie.

Mr.Dandy:Weekend Reading

Mr.Dandy:My Next Hair Style.

Mr.Dandy:My Next Hair Style.

Mr.Dandy:Paisley For Summer.

Mr.Dandy:Black Onyx/Natural Mother of Pearl Paisley Cufflink

Mr.Dandy:Today I Have Received Two Pair Of Socks I Order Before By Mes Chaussettes Rouges:Christmas Tree Green Knee-high Socks(MAZARIN,France Brand) &Blue Cashmere Socks(Bresciani ,Italian Brand)Their Warmest Service Is Why I Always Select The Foreign Brands.

Mr.Dandy:Barbour Jacket,Safari Jacket ,Trench Coat,这三款经典风衣外套,除了本身与任何衣服百搭之外,跟围巾的搭配可谓是毕生绝配,纯色外套与花色围巾缠绵在一起,让人看了都蠢蠢欲动,当然,还有个必备细节就是任何衣服都无法代替的,就是本身风衣外套的大口袋是用来放围巾的!效果绝对不亚于口袋巾点缀西装。

Mr.Dandy:Safari Jacket

Mr.Dandy:Safari Jacket

Mr.Dandy:Neal Hawkes In Vintage Look

Glen Check Suit & White Shirt By Latland Tailor

Tie By Drake’s For Armoury.

Clutch Parsley Black By Divina-Denuevo

Jacket By Barbour SL Bedale Overdyed Indigo

Boot By Crockett&Jones